How Schema Can Increase Your CTR

Schema and mobile search

Schema is a hot topic in the SEO world: It makes your website appear more interesting on the search engine results page, and increases your click through rate. If you haven’t added schema to your website by now, you need to jump on board fast.

What is Schema?

Schema is structured data that provides technical instructions to search engines. It tells Google, Yahoo, and Bing which Rich Snippets to display on the search engine results page. When the SERPs display a picture, video, or a review near your website, it is because the schema translated the information to the search engine.

The terms are sometimes confused, but they are not quite the same. Rich snippets are the meat of the dish: the stars, the author’s picture, or the reviews, but the schema is the markup language that is used to talk to the search engine.

What are Some Examples?

This structured markup language includes some types that you may have heard. Some types include

  • recipe
  • author
  • video
  • review
  • product
  • person


Why Use It?

Google, Bing and Yahoo came together to create this markup language so that search engines could provide a more useful tool. Working together, they came up with a system that could be helpful to consumers, but it could be easily understood by machines as well.

As we move further into the mobile world, where cell phones and tablets are overtaking desktop devices, search engines need to understand data on a different level. Voice commands and map locations may be a central part of a consumer’s choice, and schema is built to anticipate these types of needs.

Must I Add Semantic Markup?

I highly recommend that you use this tool. More importantly, Google recommends it. Without it, you are driving blindfolded. Why hand the advantage to your competition when you can increase your click through ratio with a little bit of work? If it seems too complicated, or if you have a small shop, you can outsource the task to a reliable consultant.

Customers are switching to mobile devices, and your website must be prepared for the switch. Incorporating this markup language now will help you increase sales in this ever changing market.

schema and semantic markup
Semantic markup and schema are critical to SEO success.

Is It Difficult to Add?

Actually, adding the structured data markup is not difficult. It just seems complicated. Once you understand the basics, you can whip your website into shape quickly.

The code looks similar to your familar HTML code. It does include new tag names, such as itemscope, itemtype, and itemprop. However, your web administrator can easily handle the task. Even better, Google provides a handy tool to test your structured data.

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