Cool Tools for SEO & WordPress

cool tools for seo

Looking for some cool free SEO or WordPress tools? You have come to the right place! I’ve been collecting a list of tools that I have found to be very helpful, and they might come in handy for you too. Bookmark this page, as I plan to update it often.

SEO Tools:


Ubersuggest is an awesome tool that seems to scrape keywords from Google’s autosuggest box. Just type in the words that come to mind, and let Ubersuggest do the work for you. Hundreds of related terms and keywords will pop out.

Improve your website speed and your SEO by making your pictures load faster. Decrease the load time with this convenient and free tool.

Check your page rank in Google with this awesome tool. It’s quick and accurate!

Like link building? This is the tool for you. This guy only works in Firefox, but it can look for your competitor’s backlinks for free! It is restricted to 250, but hey, who’s complaining? Even better, you can check the anchor text too, since we all know that’s a big thing these days!

Ask yourself, “Is my HTML code validated by W3?” Simply enter your URL address into the convenient validation checker and find the results easily. This markup validation tool will examine the code throughout your website and notify you of any errors.

Another free SEO tool is an excellent way to see if you need to modify your anchor text. It’s called Removeem, and it tells you the anchor text connected to your links.

Looking for backlinks? This handy website will help you find out who links to what site. Try WebMeUp for free.

WordPress Tools:

The WordPress Theme Detector is a neat little tool. Type in a URL, and it can tell you which WordPress theme is being used. If it’s not a WordPress site, it can tell you that, too. It even has the ability to tell you what plug-ins are being used.┬áBest of all, it’s free.

Editing Tools

Here’s a great tool for editors. Type in the number of words, and it will tell you how many pages the manuscript will be. Excellent for estimating projects. This is also a great tool for students who want to figure out how to reach a certain number of pages on an assignment.

Do You Have Suggestions?

If you have suggestions, please add them in the comments below. I will check them out & if they fit (which usually means, “If they are free,” then I’ll add them to my list.) Thanks for helping make this page a great resource!

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