About Grapevine Technologies, Digital Marketing Services

Grapevine Technologies is a digital marketing company located in Raleigh, NC, A full-service firm, we offer search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and pay-per-click ad (PPC) services. We maximize our client’s web presence to increase their web rankings and conversion rates. We have an in-depth knowledge of keyword research, SEO strategy, social media marketing and digital marketing techniques. We have a history of providing high quality service for a reasonable price.

We also offer email marketing and e-commerce services. With our email marketing service, we write and design marketing emails, create digital email campaigns and manage targeted email lists specifically for your company.

Our e-commerce services lets you focus on sales while we optimize your website. With our e-commerce digital marketing services, we optimize our clients’ online shopping sites to rank highly desirable keywords. In addition to our traditional digital marketing services, we will update your site, upload your products and SEO optimize your website. Our e-commerce consulting services include Magento, Kibo (MarketLive), Kalio, WooCommerce, Shopify and others.

Donna Wallace, Principal

Grapevine Technologies was founded by Donna Wallace, a digital marketing consultant specializing in traditional marketing for over two decades. She began her career in the Washington DC suburbs, preparing proposals for major clients such on the US House of Representatives, the University of Maryland at Baltimore and Old Dominion University in Virginia.

Since then, Donna became a digital marketing expert, focusing on all aspects of the field from SEO to social media marketing to E-commerce. She stays on top frequent algorithm changes through constant research in digital marketing and providing digital marketing services to her own clients. Donna is an expert in the field, and has a Bachelors in Business Marketing. She is also a self-proclaimed grammar nerd. She loves the structure of the English language and thinks that Grammarly is the best thing since sliced bread.

How our Digital Marketing Services Can Help Your Business

We are dedicated to helping your business succeed. Grapevine Technologies will work with you to create the ideal digital marketing plan for your company. We can help you rank higher in search engines with our SEO services and increase your social media marketing plans. In addition, we can work on PPC campaigns, provide high quality email campaigns, and help you feature products on your e-commerce platform.

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