5 Ways SEO Will Help Your Small Business

A small business needs a professional website to stand out from the crowd. Your small company is competing against large businesses with big budgets and local entrepreneurs with good connections. So you need an advantage. You need great search engine optimization for your website (SEO).

So what is SEO anyway? It is a project that analyzes websites and fine tunes them over months to make them rank higher in search engines, primarily the big three: Google, Yahoo and Bing. These consultants carefully analyze your website, its subject and the keywords used to determine how to obtain a higher search rank on the big three.

1. Google First, Buy Later

Your customers use search before they leave the house. And 95% of them won’t ever leave the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page. It literally pays to be listed on top.

2. Customers Find You With SEO

Your customers will find you, instead of you finding them! Of course, you still have to do all your traditional marketing, but ranking high on Bing, Google, and Yahoo will bring more visitors to your website, resulting in more page views, and hopefully, more sales.

3. SEO Always Pays Off

Unlike advertising, which stops working at the end of its cycle, your web optimization team’s efforts will keep working long after your efforts have ended. But don’t stop your keyword research too soon. The algorithms are constantly changing and you want to constantly keep your web content fresh.

4. You Need Your Consultant

With their powerful tools and keyword analysis skills, your consultant knows the best methods for marketing your business over the internet. Ranking high is an art, not just a skill, so do-it-yourself methods won’t work as well as using the expert knowledge of a professional.

5. Your Website Never Sleeps

Your website is a silent salesman. It doesn’t sleep, take time off, or even take a lunch break. It’s advertising your products and services all day every day, so you need to take advantage of that free advertising. Eventually, you will show up in a search engine somewhere, but is it helping or hurting you? A reliable company can help you figure out how to fine-tune your website so it helps your site show up higher on popular search engines like Google and Bing.