Free Articles are Tempting, But Deadly (To Your Site)

Websites with blogs rank higher in search engines, but it’s hard to write every day. Don’t be tempted by free articles. Be strong and find high quality writers who provide well-researched, helpful content for your business. It’s tempting to visit a site that offers free articles in exchange for links. But don’t do it. They […]

Schema and mobile search

How Schema Can Increase Your CTR

Schema can increase your click through ratio. It is a hot topic in the SEO world: It makes your website appear more interesting on the search engine results page, and increases your click through rate. If you haven’t added schema to your website by now, you need to jump on board fast.

7 Reasons You Need to Be on Google+

Google+ is now the 2nd largest social networking site in the US. And… it’s an excellent tool for SEO. Learn why you need to be on Google Plus, and you can’t wait any longer. Here’s the scoop on the underdog that’s now leading the pack.

Social Media & Google Plus

cool tools for seo

Cool Tools for SEO & WordPress

Looking for some cool free SEO or WordPress tools? You have come to the right place! I’ve been collecting a list of tools that I have found to be very helpful, and they might come in handy for you too. Bookmark this page, as I plan to update it often. SEO Tools: Rankchecker Ubersuggest is […]

6 Social Media Lessons From the Giraffe Riddle

The giraffe riddle is a viral sensation.  In one day, millions of people have changed their profile pictures, and everyone is talking about it. Aside from taking over Facebook, it’s also making the news. Here are 6 lessons that the giraffe riddle can teach you about Social Media Marketing. Challenge Your Audience The Giraffe Riddle is so […]



Windows 8.1 is Finally Out!

Windows 8.1 has gifted me with the Start button! I am so excited that Microsoft has now released Windows 8.1, especially since the Start button has returned. Like many users, I was a bit befuddled by version 8, but it’s only been one day and I already feel like the world is right again. And […]

Grapevine Technologies is now on YouTube!

Grapevine Technologies LLC now has our own YouTube channel. Look for our upcoming videos and please feel free to share!  


Google Hummingbird has Arrived!

Google Hummingbird is here! According to reports by numerous sources across the web, Google has a new algorithm out and about — And it’s a major game changer. According to Amit Singhal, an executive at Google, the changes could impact the results of 90% of searches conducted on the search engine. Google Hummingbird You’re already […]

Always Proofread Before You Print!

I noticed a funny typo today as I was strolling through the local department store. It reminded me of the importance of editing. As a business, you must always be aware of your effect on the consumer. Your name and brand will pop out when you least expect it. Little did this manufacturer know that […]



An Email Signature That Gets Results

Your email signature is more than just a formal gesture. It’s a virtual business card that provides a strong connection between you and your customer. It is your silent salesman. But most people overlook the advantages of this simple tool. Even though the rules have changed now that mobile phones have taken over the market, many email signatures have remained the same. Open your email program. Look at your signature. Are you using it to your advantage? Or are you scaring your customers away?